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YUP - We actually do have a vision for ourselves and for YOU!

The vision of ZEN is to revolutionize the entertainment landscape in Jamaica through our creation of an event-based lifestyle brand that caters to the discerning, hard-working and fun-loving individual!

In short - without all the mumbo jumbo attached - I believe that means we cater specifically to YOU!!

What is ZEN?
We like to consider ourselves as an entertainment lifestyle brand. We have developed an entertainment community consisting of a core group of "Invitors" or Hosts and a network of Ambassadors and Service Providers with experience in event promotion and social networking, all focused on bringing YOU a variety of exciting and unique entertainment experiences.

YEAH - basically we are overly friendly, talkative party-goers who love socializing so we know a lot of people who, for some reason, don't mind hanging out with us and being a part of what we do. Miracles never cease!

Why is ZEN unique?
Our main distinguishing feature is that ZEN specializes in exclusive invitation-based events (with no mass radio, tv billboard advertising), with different sets of Hosts hosting different events under the ZEN banner.

Each Host has been chosen carefully for his or her ability to add the guests and elements necessary to ensure YOU have the most satisfying experience at each ZEN event.

ZEN tailors its events to be unique - no two ZEN EVENTS are similar to each other or to the average events on the Jamaican entertainment scene.

TRUST US - we all love entertaining and it shows in our constant "pow-wows" "head-butting" and temporary vexation, all because each of us wants the best product for YOU (don't worry, we made up over drinks).

ZEN focus
The mission of ZEN is to bring three core features back to the Jamaican party landscape: COMFORT, FAMILIARITY & FUN! - What we call the "PARTY TRIPOD!" (Ok so we don't really call it that because its kinda corny, but it sounded cool at the time).

ZEN is much more than just a promotional group - it is an entertainment lifestyle community that facilitates the interaction and enjoyment of hard working, discerning, fun-loving, stylish and socially conscious individuals. NOW THAT SOUNDS COOL!!

Welcome to the unique and exciting world of ZEN!